Facts & Statistics

• Inaugurated: January, 1993
• ADDRESS: Shalimar Link Road, Mughalpura, Lahore, Pakistan.
• Registration Status: NGO is Registered in Pakistan under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961. The Registration No.DDSW-LD/93-602 dated 3rd October, 1993.
• Organizational Structure: The affairs of the NGO are administered by the EXECUTIVE COUNCIL consisting of 11 Member, regularly elected by General Council amongst its about 75 Members. The elections are regularly conducted without any break after every Three Years and the system is working in true spirit of DEMOCRACY.
• Annual Budget: The NGO prepares its Annual Budget regularly for financial discipline which is approved by the General Council in its Meeting which is preferable held in the month of July.
• Source of Income: Under the motto of “SELF HELP” as far as possible NGO is constantly endeavoring to raise funds from its own sources, through the community participation, but sometimes departmental grants are also accepted to supplement its requirements. The sources of income are as under:

– Members Subscription.
– Donation in Cash & Kind from community and philanthropists.
– Zakat, Sadqat and Fitrana.
– Skin Collection on Eid-ul-Azha.
– Assistance from National Donor Agencies.
– Income from Activities.

• Areas of Service: The Main areas of its services are:
– General OPD,
– Ophthalmology Deptt.
– Gynecology Deptt.
– Dental Department.
– Clinical Laboratory.
– Ultra Sound & E.C.G.
– Free Ambulance Services.
• Specialty:
OPHTHALMOLOGY: From Simple Cataract Surgery to Retinal procedures & Corneal Transplant.
FREE CAMPS: Free Medical, Free Eye and Free Gynae Camps in Rural Areas.

• Education: The Society is helping the Poor & Deserving Students and bearing all their Education Expenses like Admission Fees, Tuition Fees, Free Books and other necessities.
• Income Tax Exemption: Income Tax Exemption Certificate granted by the CBR valid Till Further Orders.
• P.C.P Certification: AL-EHSAN WELFARE SOCIETY is a 52nd certified NGO out of 84 NGO’s Directory throughout the Country from Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (A Government recognized Institution).
o Fiscal & Calendar year July – June
o Monthly Executive Council Meeting
o Approval of Monthly Accounts
o Presentation of Annual Audited Accounts
o Budget approval by the General Council
o No privilege to Members or Office Bearers
o No Political affiliation
o Top level Management is being carried out by the dedicated Social Workers voluntarily.